The console, pagers and graphics window all run in the same thread as the R engine. To allow the console etc to respond to Windows events, call R_ProcessEvents() periodically from your compiled code. If you want output to be updated on the console, callR_FlushConsole() and then R_ProcessEvents().

  • This particular hive contains the majority of the configuration information for the software you have installed, as well as for the Windows operating system itself.
  • If your error was with the SOFTWARE file, try a system restore to see if your software can be restored.
  • The Registry Editor for Windows 10 makes it relatively simple to create registry backup files, which are just text files with the .reg extension.
  • This is a global key where the information stored cannot be edited by any user or program.

This command, however, is unable to export application hives. This key contains the default profile as well as profiles for all users who have logged on to the computer. This key can be edited, but exercise care when doing so. This key holds profile information for the user mss32.dll that is currently logged on.

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You may want to do this from within a function, for example when calling ‘identify’ or ‘readline’. With its default argument it brings the active graphics window to the top and gives it focus. With argument ‘-1’ it brings the console to the top and gives it focus. The following information refers to previous versions of R. The latest version of the package might require a later version of R than the one you are using. You can check on the package’s HTML page on CRAN, and update your R if needed. And them all packages installed by that build of R will be installed with static HTML pages.

In such cases, you must update your operating system. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Sometimes, the dnsapi DLL file is missing or corrupted. You can try reinstalling it, but there are several other methods you can use to solve the problem. You can download and use this decrypter that Kaspersky released if you were hit by .[].dll extension. When the scan has finished, you will see the list of infections that GridinSoft Anti-Malware has detected.

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On the surface of this, you may be wondering how this information is useful. These data carving tools can be used to search unallocated space or similar unstructured data such as the Windows page file or a hibernation file for Registry “hbin” sections.

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